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Anna Maria D'onofrio ARAD Dance Director/Choreographer


Anna Maria Pratt has been teaching and choregraphing for 17 years. Anna Maria holds a degree in Dance Education from Trinity College in London and is a certified registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance.

Anna Maria is professionally trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Musical Theatre. Anna Maria has performed internationally in   productions such as  "A Chorus Line" and "Mamma Mia", as well as performing with the Hawaii Ballet Company as the Russian lead in "The Nutcracker"and choreographed "Shrek the Musical".  


Anna Maria choreographed the original award winning piece "Stampede" at the Spotlight Dance Cup.  Anna Maria acted in the award winning BBC series "Our Friends in the North"; as well as several commercial appearances.  


Anna Maria has successfully owned and directed dance programs in London, Hawaii, and various locations in Southern California. Anna Maria is the creator of the program  "Holistic Movement Therapy" (HMT)  and has formed partnerships with children's hospitals, foster care agencies and many charities across Southern California offering HMT to children of all ages and abilities. 

Derek. A Pratt, MA 

Director: Special Education

Derek has a BA in Law and Society and an MA in Psychology with 20 years working in
Child Development and Adult Mental Health. Derek has worked as a private coach for over 10 years and specializes in Child
Development and Parenting.
Derek has worked extensively with children and non-profit organizations. Derek has a long spanning history in organized sports and loves to volunteer as a coach in different districts and states. Derek is the CEO of "Puppet PLAYhouse"  Derek created a  troop of handmade puppets used for filming and his own brand of Puppet Therapy workshops. Derek is the creator of the program Holistic Movement
Therapy, which uses a combination of movement, self expression, and psychotherapy to help
people reach their full creative potential.